“Not only does this camp offer a fun experience for the children, but it also engages them in a unique way. Technology is the new future after all!”

-Salonee R. | Instructor, Summer ’15

“CS@SC provided my daughter with a wonderful learning experience.  Despite having no prior coding knowledge, she was able to pick up both Scratch and Java with the aid of the counselors and can now write some of her own programs!”

-Holly M. | Parent, Summer ’15

“My son had a little background knowledge on coding but this camp greatly improved his ability!  He wasn’t even aware of half the things that he could do in Scratch.  On top of that, he made quite a few new friends.”

-Adriana P. | Parent, Summer ’15


“This camp really is for everyone.  Boys, girls, experience, or never have even touched a computer, this camp fits everyone’s needs.  The teaching staff is incredibly helpful and always help a child with any question.  The material covered forms to the needs of each child.”

-Joseph T. | Parent, Summer ’15